Protect Your Dairy Cattle & Livestock from Slippery Concrete
Let us Groove your slippery concrete floor!
 Why should I Diamond Groove my slippery concrete floor?

 Where can Diamond sawed concrete safety grooving
    be most effective?

 What are the grooving sizes and patterns available?

 Meet Dick Meyer, Your concrete safety grooving specialist.

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    Diamond sawed concrete grooving.

 Other services; Core Drilling, Wall Sawing & Flat Sawing, Concrete Textureizing, and Concrete Milling.

Safety grooves 1/2" or 3/4" wide diamond sawed into your concrete - over 30 years of AG-service

Our university tested and proved grooved concrete floors last longer and are more effective then acid treatments, dry cut, scariffying or scabbling. Over 22,000 customers with over 57 million square feet completed use the Barn Floor Grooving System with very impressive results. With over 30 years of agri-service, we can give you a measure of safety in your dairy that will save you money, cows and worry.

We saw Safety Grooves 1/2" or 3/4" wide with diamond saws into your existing concrete, pens, holding areas, free stalls and feed lots. This treatment will outlast any other treatment by years. We have the experienced crews that really know what they are doing. Diamond and diagonal patterned grooving are our specialty. We will furnish references upon request - and we guarantee our work. Contact us today and let's work together to save your cows.

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