Why should I Diamond Groove my slippery concrete floor?
  • Healthier on animal's hoofs.
  • Easy to clean; water drains off the floor to keep cement more sanitary.
  • Provides a safer, less slippery environment for your livestock, and you. Resulting in decreased injuries, increased production and "heat" detection and potentially lower operating costs.
  • The grooves are permanent.
  • Grooves are sawed into existing new or old concrete with a diamond segmented blade, leaving a flat bottom surface with sharp right angles
  • Our work is guaranteed.

Easily reap the benefits of Diamond Grooving! The process is virtually dust free, no stones or chips to damage hoofs, and requires minimal prep by you.

Diamond sawed grooving is scientifically designed, time tested and proven to create a safer footing surface for hoofs.

View excerpts from Hoard's Dairyman article on concrete grooving

Safety grooves 1/2" or 3/4" wide diamond sawed into your concrete - over 30 years of AG-service

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